Renaissance of the site

Submitted by Tha-Fox on 2013-09-18

I finally made my decision and Drupal is my platform of choice. I could have gone with the Wordpress as I thought in the beginning but then again I believe that if I at some point want to do other content than blogging then Drupal is more versatile.

The installation was pretty straightforward. There was an excellent guide for me to follow on Arch wiki (where else?): I had to deviate a bit to adapt it to my environment, most notably Apache directives had to be modified for Nginx. The Drupal configuration was taken from Nginx wiki and modified a bit.

After the installation I added some security by restricting access to admin page and such. Then was the time for thinking about appearance. That will of course be a neverending journey to configuration but for now I settled to just get the multilingual blog working. It was quite easy to do thanks to these marvellous instructions:

After all of this it is just a matter of creating some content.

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