Restoring deleted Nextcloud calendar entries

Submitted by Tha-Fox on 2019-07-23

Today I was playing with CalDavSynchronizer. I tested different configuration options for synchronization and ended up with some of my calendar entries deleted. I knew there were a couple of other Nextcloud users on my server so I checked whether it is suitable to restore the calendar from last night's backup.

This is written based on my own experience so YMMV. This has been tested on Nextcloud 16.0.3 and MariaDB 10.4.6.


Migrating from ownCloud 9.1 to NextCloud 9.0

Submitted by Tha-Fox on 2016-08-03

After I read about Frank Karlitschek leaving ownCloud, Inc. and creating Nextcloud, I've been pondering whether I should migrate to Nextcloud or continue using ownCloud. The latter has been working for me just fine except the Music app, which I've replaced with Youtube. As a home user, the enterprise features aren't my concern, either.