Packages to install after OpenWRT upgrade

Submitted by Tha-Fox on 2019-02-16

After upgrading the OpenWRT in my router to a new version I lose every time my DLNA and SMB shares. To remind me for the next time here are the commands to get the shares up and running in a minute. The configurations are there after all, so only the installation of the needed packages is needed.

opkg update && opkg install block-mount e2fsprogs kmod-fs-ext4 kmod-usb-storage kmod-usb2 kmod-usb3 samba36-server luci-app-samba minidlna luci-app-minidlna

/etc/init.d/minidlna start && /etc/init.d/minidlna enable

/etc/init.d/samba start && /etc/init.d/samba enable



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